Missouri Pioneers YHEC

  • Address: 24717 E. Truman Rd.
  • City: Independence
  • Zipcode: 64056
  • Phone: 816-650-6555
  • E-Mail: pioneersyhec@gmail.com
  • Website:


The Missouri Pioneers Youth Hunter Education Challenge (YHEC) club develops the character of youth through the promotion of practical hunting skills. The fundamental goals of the Missouri Pioneers are to: 1. Be safe, 2. Improve skills through learning, 3. Have fun, and 4. Compete in a sportsmanlike manner.Missouri Pioneers YHEC is part of the Youth Shooting Division of the Pioneer Gun Club of Kansas City, Missouri. Missouri Pioneers participates in the NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge at the Missouri State YHEC Championship in June and the NRA International YHEC competition in July each year.All participants must be graduates of a state hunter education course. The competition has two divisions: A Junior Division for ages 11 through 14, and a Senior Division for ages 15 through 18 (based on participant's age on August 1st).The YHEC program consists of eight events, including 4 shooting and 4 non-shooting challenges:.22 Hunting Rifle, Shotgun, Archery, Muzzleloader, Orienteering, Hunter Safety Trail,Wildlife Identification, and Hunter Responsibility Exam.The Missouri Pioneers YHEC club holds practices each Sunday from January through May at the Pioneer Gun Club facilities. For more information, contact Dan LaMastres at (816)650-6555.


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