Morehouse Parish 4-H Shooting Sports


The Louisiana 4-H Shooting Sports/Outdoor Skills program encompasses the initiative goals of volunteer leadership capacity building for youth and families and environmental stewardship with commitments from the Louisiana State University Ag Center. The 4-H Outdoor Skills Program is an active program that is attractive to both youth and adults. The program uses positive learning and interaction with youth and adult role models. The disciplines are modeled after the National 4-H Shooting Sports Program and are administered by nationally certified-state leaders consisting of extension personnel and volunteers.4-H Shooting Sports/Outdoor Skills is an activity for everyone – girls boys young old urban and rural. Participation in the program is not limited by skill or physical abilities. It is open to any youth ages 9-19 regardless of where they attend school. It is a fun action-oriented program that encourages parental involvement.MISSION STATEMENT: The mission of the Louisiana 4-H Outdoor Skills Program is to assist youth in acquiring knowledge developing life skills and forming attitudes so that they may become self-directing productive and contributing members of society.The program is designed to:1. Assist youth to learn safe and responsible use of shooting equipment2. Promote the highest standards of safety sportsmanship and ethical behavior3. Enhance self-confidence self-concept decision making character personal development responsibility and sportsmanship4. Develop leadership and citizenship within 4-H parameters for youth and adults5. Expand 4-H membership and involve more volunteer adult leaders6. To strengthen families through participation in life-long recreational activities7. Create an appreciation and understanding of natural resources8. To encourage participation in natural resources and related natural science programs by exposing participants to the content through hunting/fishing and related activities.9. To develop an understanding of the principles of wildlife management10. To complement and enhance the impact of existing safety shooting and hunter educational programs in accordance with Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.


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