Toombs County 4-H Project SAFE

  • Address: 298 N. Lexington Street Lyons Georgia 30436
  • County: Toombs
  • Contact Name: Cheryl Poppell
  • E-Mail:
  • Phone: 9122936280
  • Website:


Project S.A.F.E. (Shooting Awareness, Fun and Education) is an active program, attractive to youth and adult audiences. The program is curriculum based and designed to assist young people in personal development, establish a personal environmental ethic and explore life-long vocational and avocational activities. The program uses experiential learning and positive interactions with youth and adult role models to help young people develop self-concept, self-assurance and a positive self-image. Toombs county offers modified trap and BB programs.

The program promotes responsibility, decision-making and identifying realistic, personal goals. Participants may elect to compete at a level appropriate for their abilities or pursue other objectives. Participants have shown high achievement in the field, shop or classroom and on target range, but personal development for young people and leaders is the real objective. The program strives to make "every kid a winner," and to "make the best better."

Like other 4-H projects, S.A.F.E. has a subject matter base. It has strong links to natural resources, wildlife, outdoor recreation and safety. The content is drawn from sports medicine, psychology, education, biological and physical sciences engineering, mathematics, technology, as well as American traditions, folklore and history.

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