William Woods Outdoor Life Sports

  • Address: 1 University Ave Fulton MO 65251
  • County: Callaway
  • Contact Name: Taylor Bryant
  • Email: taylor.bryant@williamwoods.edu
  • Phone Number: 5738812775
  • Website: https://wwuowls.com/sports/ols?path=ols


The Outdoor Life Sports will begin with shooting sports and archery with the possibility of expanding the program to additional offerings in the future. While OLS is not a NAIA sponsored sport, it will still be housed under athletics and competitions will be conducted under outside entities and groups.

Prairie Grove Shotgun Sports will serve as the home of the Owls for practice and competition. The full-facility shotgun sports club is located in Columbia, Mo. They offer multiple shooting sports and two sporting clays courses with 48+ shooting stations. To learn more about the facility, click here.

Age of Participants: 18-25


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