Metro Area Youth Wing Shooting Program

  • Address: PO Box 390763
  • City: Edina
  • Zipcode: 55439
  • Phone: 612-867-4849
  • E-Mail: MAPFYouth@GMAIL.COM
  • Website:


We offer a Youth Wing Shooting program where we target kids that are ages 11-15. We solicit area Firearm Safety Courses Boy Scouts Girl Scouts and network with High School Trap Teams that we sponsor to gain our attendees. We take the kids through a progession of 3 classes Wing Shooting 1 2 and 3. When they are proficient and show interest they become eligible for a Chapter sponsored Youth Mentored Hunt of which we offered two last year.We had 141 participants in our Wing Shooting Program in 2014. Sixteen shot in our Metro Guided Hunt and another 5 in our outstate hunt in Marshall MN.


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